Despite having a Republican governor and Republican supermajority in the
Alabama House and Senate for over a decade, there had been no movement on school choice and education freedom.

In fact, Gov Ivey had been diametrically opposed to it, as has state House and Senate leadership, despite parental rights and education freedom being part of the ALGOP Party Platform.

That all changed this year.

Bryan brings on School Choice evangelist, Corey DeAngelis, to talk about the history of the school choice movement and why there has been such a shift across the nation with 13 states adopting Education Savings Accounts since COVID.

They analyze the CHOOSE Act that the state House passed and compare it to other states. (Update: The Alabama Senate also passed the CHOOSE Act and Governor Ivey signed it into law shortly after this recording.)

Corey also discusses the "bloodbath" on Super Tuesday in Texas for anti-school choice, NEA-sponsored, Republican-incumbent legislators his organization targeted.

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