In the last few years, you’ve probably seen at least one viral tweet questioning

Taylor Swift as a role model for young girls or calling out effeminate church leaders. Odds are that tweet probably came from social-media flamethrower Eric Conn.

This week Bryan and Eric, who hosts Hard Men Podcast and co-hosts The Kings Hall Podcast, discuss how despite churches located on every corner, they seem impotent at preventing the cultural onslaught and chaos wreaking havoc across our land.

Dedicating his life to the task of cultural renewal, Eric shares what caused him to finally leave the world of firearms journalism to start New Christendom Press and enter the biblical-masculinity influencer space. Hint: It had to do with effeminate pastors...

More than a conversation about the problems, Bryan and Eric dig into the importance of recovering historic Christianity and our Christian heritage.

OVERTIME: In this week's Overtime, Bryan and Eric shine the light on historical Christendom. What was it? Who were some of the main characters, and what can we learn from them? You don't want to miss this riveting Overtime segment!

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