This week Bryan sits down with Lt. Gov Will Ainsworth to hear his predictions on this legislative session. According to Ainsworth, the number one issue plaguing businesses in Alabama is not taxes or regulations, but a shortage of qualified workers. He discusses his plans for workforce development and some legislation that will help move that forward.

Bryan also asks Ainsworth what his prediction is on school choice, gambling, and prisons.

You'll want to tune in to hear this conversation so you are aware of what the 2024 legislative session could have in store.

OVERTIME: Military age male migrants are crossing our border by the tens of thousands every day and the federal government isn't doing anything to stop it. Worse than that, the federal government is preventing state's from stopping it and it looks like there will be a showdown in the Lone Star state with the Alabama National Guard being sent in to help Texas. We ask Will what his thoughts are on how this mass immigration is affecting Alabama and why it appears that the federal government is intentionally trying to destroy our nation.

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