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State education board approves confidential list of reading textbooks for K-3

The Alabama State Department of Education’s (ALSDE) Board voted Thursday to approve the k-3 English Language Arts (ELA) reading textbook recommendations from the State Textbook Committee.

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Alabama Board of Education adds college, career readiness options in 2028

Alabama State Board of Education members voted to add certain college and career readiness requirements Thursday as a prerequisite to graduate from Alabama high schools starting in 2028.

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State Board of Education approves controversial mental health coordinator law

The Alabama State Board of Education (BOE) has approved the implementation of an Alabama law that requires mental health coordinators in every school system in the state.

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Alabama Board of Education votes to allow disciplinary action against teachers who give age-inappropriate instruction on gender identity, sexual orientation

The Alabama Board of Education (BOE) voted Thursday to adopt rules prohibiting the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in specific classrooms.