Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, February 26, 2024


Elementary teacher and her students. Education. Alabama News
Educational insanity: What the 2022 NAEP scores actually tell Alabamians

What if I told you Alabama’s eighth-grade reading and math scores are either worse or the same than they were more than two decades ago? 

ESG blocks Alabama News
Emma Gibney: Progressive politics drive the 'S' in ESG

This “S” is the most subjective of an already subjective criteria and ranks companies based on how well they comply with several key progressive and political priorities.

ESG icon concept Alabama News
Emma Gibney: As states divest from ESG, Alabama is not leading, but will it follow?

Alabama seems quiet compared to other states with Republican controlled state governments who have not only vocally opposed the use of tax-payer dollars invested in a subjective and ideological manner but have taken strides to prevent this from occurring.

Electric Vehicles, charging Alabama News
Emma Gibney: The free market should drive electric vehicle sales, not the government

These “incentives,” in the form of government subsidies, have been utilized to create a market for electric vehicles. In reality, the market’s demand for electric vehicles doesn’t match the current interest with government regulation and subsidies.

AP Alabama News
Emma Gibney: How Alabama businesses have swallowed the woke narrative

Minnie Mouse has traded in her dress for a pant suit. United Way Worldwide hosted a 21-Day Race Equity Challenge with guidelines for being “strong white allies” such as “assum[ing] racism is everywhere, every day” and to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism.”