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Fairhope City Council 1 Alabama News
Citizens spar over Fairhope Public Library options for children: These books 'may result in mental health issues'

Some of the citizens addressing the council wanted books to be reconsidered, while the majority of those in attendance were speaking in support of all books remaining on the shelves.

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'Just leave the children out of it': Woman offers Fairhope City Council cautionary tale of what could happen without rules prohibiting minors at drag shows

Monday at a Fairhope City Council meeting, a woman who identified herself as Rebecca Watson warned neglecting the city's drag show situation could turn the community into a "warzone."

Fairhope City Council Alabama News
Fairhope residents demand city council address concerns over drag queen event — 'If you can’t say no, then you can’t run this city'

Concerned citizens addressed the Fairhope City Council Monday about the Color Fairhope with Pride 2023 event. The Fairhope residents asked the council to improve the vetting process for events and one man requested the councilmen attend the event in drag.