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FUM Cmont Alabama News
First United Methodist Church-Montgomery continues to seek ways to disaffiliate despite rule change

First United Methodist Church-Montgomery is continuing to explore options to disassociate from the UMC denomination after a recent rule change in the church’s hierarchy changed the process by which churches can leave the denomination.

Alabama West Florida Conference Bishop David Graves Photo from the AWF Cs Facebook page Alabama News
United Methodist Church Alabama-West Florida Conference changes terms on churches voting to break away; Traditional Methodists call it a 'nail in the coffin'

Trustees for the Alabama-West Florida Conference (AWFC) of the United Methodist Church (UMC) released an updated disaffiliation eligibility policy on Tuesday, which conservative Methodist leaders are calling a “nail in the coffin” for conservative churches in the conference who are seeking to leave the denomination while retaining church property.

FUM Cmont Alabama News
First United Methodist Church-Montgomery considering leaving UMC denomination

Members of the administrative board of First United Methodist Church - Montgomery voted on Wednesday night to begin the discernment process to consider whether or not to leave the United Methodist Church (UMC) denomination.