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Cailee Knight Alabama News
Mobile Police Chief Prine begs leaders to put politics aside after pair charged in shooting death of 9-year-old Cailee Knight

Mobile police announced two arrests in the shooting death of nine-year-old Cailee Knight. Tyrone Williams, 19, and Ariel Curry, 22, face charges of felony murder.

Rhett Drive home Alabama News
Mobile nine-year-old shot while asleep in home; Suspected gang members at large

Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine said it would be better for those responsible for the death of a nine-year-old child to turn themselves in than have police track them down.

Steve Marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall working to familiarize law enforcement with new anti-gang law

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is working with local law enforcement to familiarize them with the state’s new anti-gang law, which enhances penalties for those involved in a criminal enterprise.

Roanoke, Ala. Alabama News
Gang activity crisis in small town Alabama: Lawmakers and law enforcement work to curb group crime

In May of this year, a small town graduation ceremony was put on lockdown after law enforcement became aware of possible gang activity. It was that communication to officials that may have saved lives and helped police gain intelligence to what’s been lurking in the shadows.

Prison Alabama News
What happens to Alabama inmates who commit crimes behind bars while already serving life without parole?

Earlier this month, an inmate serving life without parole for multiple homicides caught extra charges after going live on Facebook wearing a correctional officer’s vest, holding a handgun and ranting about prison conditions. But what exactly would happen to Shaw if he is proven guilty?

Hospital DOCTOR BED Alabama News
Birmingham City Council approves funding for hospital program to prevent retaliation following violent crime

Birmingham City Council approved an agreement with the Jefferson County Board of Health to fund the implementation of a hospital-linked violence intervention program, which is supposed to help reduce acts of retaliation from victims of violent crimes and their loved ones.

Vote Alabama News
Legislature passes bill increasing penalties for gang-related felonies; Will go to Ivey for signature

The bill adding enhanced penalties for offenders involved in "criminal enterprises" passed the Alabama legislature on Thursday.

crime justice Alabama News
Bill would raise penalties for gang-related crime — 'Has nothing to do with race,' says State Sen. Barfoot

Legislation that would establish enhanced penalties for gang-related crimes “has nothing to do with race” despite claims to the contrary from some Senate Democrats, according to State Sen. Will Barfoot (R-Pike Road).

Steve Marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall working with lawmakers to draft bill to increase sentences for gang-related crimes

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is working with Republican lawmakers to bring a set of bills to the Alabama Legislature with the intention of curbing gang violence by increasing sentences for gang-related crimes.

Steve Marshall Alabama News
AG Steve Marshall calls for legislature to enact a RICO statute to tackle gang-related crime

Law enforcement officials are searching for answers on the heels of the fatal shooting in downtown Mobile on New Year's Eve that resulted in one dead and nine injured.

Kevin Newton speaks on the Echo Stop Live podcast Alabama News
Former gang member speaks to Mobile Police about redemption: 'I got ... Jesus'

He is a former gang member who has been shot and stabbed but he says now God is inspiring him to do better and make a difference.