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Mobile police Sgt John Young Alabama News
Mobile police officer John Young: 'Every patriot who loves their family and loves God' should be angered by violence

"Come back to me, and I'll come to you like a hen gathering her chicks. Let's turn our hearts and minds over to Jesus Christ, and he will heal our homes, our families and our communities."

Photo from Tom Def Alabama News
What guns were used in Birmingham homicides in 2022?

In 2022, Birmingham experienced one of its most violent years in modern history, totaling at least 144 homicides. Several of the homicides involved firearms, many of which were drive-by-shootings. 

Police siren lights by Erica Thomas Alabama News
New Mobile Police Operation Echo Stop seeks to clean up the streets, arrests 44 gang members since conception

The Mobile Police Department (MPD) has launched a new program in response to the epidemic of violence that has scourged the city. 

Katie Boyd Britt in camo Alabama News
Britt says red flag laws are a gateway to push a disarming agenda

"Gun grabbers use so-called 'red flag laws' as a gateway to push their disarming agenda," Katie Britt told the 1819 News following passage of national Red Flag legislation. "In reality, a 'red flag law' is an abridgment of the Second Amendment and can be abused to take away the right to self-defense with no due process.

File f6b000fe 7839 45c2 8f03 82c91d177a9a Alabama News
Alabama deputy killed in the line of duty, suspect dead

By Brandon Moseley Wilcox County sheriff’s deputy Madison “Skip” Nicholson was shot and killed in the line of duty Wednesday night....