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Chris McCutcheon used father's political access to boost business; Records show thousands of company's money spent on lavish vacations

The story of how Chris McCutcheon walked away with all the money and his former business partner got all of the blame is long and complicated.

Mac McCutcheon
Mac McCutcheon intervened in the legislative process for son's medical testing company QBR, documents show

1819 News has recently uncovered documents that show that Mac McCutcheon intervened in the legislative process by sponsoring a resolution directly related to QBR’s core business, neuropathy testing.

Speaker Mac McCutcheon
McCutcheon financially linked to CEO guilty of kickbacks, fraud — Records show favorable treatment from BCBS during tenure

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon (R-Monrovia) was on the payroll of an Alabama-based medical testing company called QBR Inc. years ago that has recently been the target of federal prosecutors.