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Rachel Levine Alabama News
Federal judge rules 'Rachel Levine' records subject to discovery in Alabama transgender operation for minors ban defense

Despite attempts from the Department of Justice, a federal court recently ruled that U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine’s records are subject to discovery in Alabama’s court battle defending a state ban on transgender surgeries and hormones for minors. 

Transgender athletics Alabama News
AG Marshall backs Florida's DeSantis-signed transgender sports ban in court filing

Monday, Attorney General Steve Marshall announced he was among a coalition of 22 attorneys general who filed an amicus brief supporting Florida's law that "preserves girls' sports teams for girls alone."

American girl Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: An American Girl?

A toy once passed down between aunties and their nieces or mothers and their children has been swamped by trans activists and infected with gender Marxism. 

US Senate Tuberville Tommy AP Photo by Susan Walsh Alabama News
Tuberville defends Title IX sports

“Any such weakening of current Title IX protections would amount to a reversal of 50 years of progress for women and girls in sports and an offense to every woman who has ever benefited from the enactment of the law," said Tuberville.

Tim James at Press Conference 2 Alabama News
Tim James accuses federal judge with “judicial overreach” in case blocking Alabama transgender law

"Neither parents nor any other adult have the right to make decisions about their child’s sexual identity except in the most unusual cases of legitimate physical androgyny," Tim James said.

File 5dfa633f 771e 4e6b 819f e1c3cb431134 Alabama News
Transgender bathroom bill presented to legislature

A bill that would ban people from using facilities in K-12 schools for a sex other than the one on their birth certificate was presented...

File b3339c56 45b0 46f2 afb9 44043265f2d0 Alabama News
Senate Health Committee approves bill to ban medically altering gender of children

The Alabama Senate Health Committee last week approved a bill that would prohibit controversial medical procedures designed to alter...

File ebb22c1c a81d 4b07 b2ea 2f47f3b72190 Alabama News
Tuberville on allowing transgender males to compete as females: 'Will sideline many women'

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville denounced allowing transgender males to compete as females and taking scholarships and trophies from biological...