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Vaping, vape, e-cigarette Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Tough steps needed on illegal vapes, e-cigarettes

Most Americans and all news media are aware of the invasion of the United States at our southern border. There is a second invasion that is not on many radar screens. It is an attack on America’s youth by foreigners, mostly Red Chinese.

AL State House Lon Worley Alabama News
Anti-vaping bill not passed before session ends

Legislation that would establish new fines, fees and regulations related to the vaping industry in Alabama wasn’t passed into law this session.

texting Driving Alabama News
House grinds to a halt: Lawmakers debate bill to ban holding a phone while driving — 'This thing was about life and death'

Despite the rule changes meant to streamline the legislative process at the beginning of the year, lawmakers successfully clogged debate in the House, halting a bill that would criminalize holding a mobile phone while driving.