Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, April 22, 2024

Posts by House Majority Leader Scott Stadthagen

uaw Alabama News
Stadthagen: UAW is a multi-level marketing scheme selling empty promises to Alabama auto workers

The UAW is selling snake oil to hardworking Alabamians employed at auto manufacturing plants in an attempt to fleece money from the pockets of good people.

AL House of Rep Stadthagen Scott Facebook Alabama News
Stadthagen: Senator Britt exemplifies hope for a better future — 'SNL writers may be bringing in the big guns to try to get Senator Britt to back down, but the joke is on them'

Over the past three-and-a-half years, we have watched as President Biden took every possible step to weaken our nation. We have seen the Taliban grow more powerful in Afghanistan. We awoke on an October morning to the news of Hamas attacking Israel, one of our closest allies. We have been forced to deal with the consequences of Biden’s crisis at the Southern border.

University of Alabama Alabama News
House Majority Leader Scott Stadthagen: Republican presidential candidates will find University of Alabama a beacon of free speech and Southern hospitality

When the Republican candidates take the stage on the University of Alabama campus, they will find themselves standing within a beacon of free speech and honest debate, and they will enjoy a world class experience mixed with traditional Southern hospitality as the nation watches. 

student loan debt Alabama News
Rep. Scott Stadthagen: Our country will regret the Biden student loan 'forgiveness' program

Biden is sending the message to Americans that your word does not have to mean anything. Your signature on a legal loan document can be ignored and then “forgiven.” You don’t have to work hard and do without luxury items until your bills are paid anymore.