Rise to the Moment of Truth Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Gambling roulette poker Alabama News
John W. Giles: ‘Let the people vote!’ is the pinnacle of deception

When the Alabama Legislature was feverishly pushing the gas tax hike, did you ever hear a legislator say, “Let the People Vote?” Or how about this one: “I am personally pro-life, but I believe a woman has a right to choose?" 

Advent Wreath Alabama News
John W. Giles: Advent and the whimsical nature of Christmas

In the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day, churches that observe ancient liturgy light candles each week of Advent, all of which have significant meaning.

John Giles: Why is casino gambling expansion a priority?

Gambling in Alabama is already unconstitutional and laws against it should be enforced.

Alabama Capitol Alabama News
John Giles: Who is driving Alabama’s legislative priorities? Not you and me.

If conservatives are running the Alabama government, why are non-conservative issues such as gambling and marijuana front and center in our politics?