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Katrinnah Darden: Religious freedom flops on Easter weekend

The religious holiday clash was resurrected last weekend when President Biden issued two Executive Proclamations for March 31st. One short proclamation recognized Easter Sunday, while the much longer one recognized a “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

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Katrinnah Darden: Free speech for all – Except anti-vaxxers?

Although the First Amendment did not grant an unrestricted license to speak anything, anywhere, it certainly protects the fundamental right to outwardly disagree with or question the government’s point of view.

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Katrinnah Darden: The cracks in modern gender ideology that VCAP will illuminate

Gender ideology claims that the science is settled and that dysphoric youth shouldn’t try to re-align their gender identity with the body they were born in.

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Katrinnah Darden: Colleges must teach free speech in both word and action if this basic freedom is to survive

The ability to tolerate ideas different from one’s own is a virtue that each generation must learn. It does not come naturally. Unfortunately, today’s higher education establishments are failing to impart this skill.

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Katrinnah Darden: Alabama redistricting solution hurts both black and white voters

Allen v. Milligan will have a precedential effect on other redistricting battles going on around the country and these cases, taken together, could significantly impact the political landscape after the 2024 elections.