1819 News announced its formal independence from the Alabama Policy Institute (API). 1819 News, which first began publishing in October 2021, was previously a fully-owned subsidiary of the Alabama Policy Institute. 

"It became clear years ago that our state needed an independent news organization operated by people with Alabama values," API President and CEO Caleb Crosby said. "When we met Bryan, API knew he was the person to make this idea a reality. Since then, it has taken a tremendous amount of work to get 1819 News to where it is today, ready to stand on its own feet, independent of API's ownership. We couldn't be more excited for 1819 News and the positive impact we know it will continue to have on Alabama."

"1819 News simply would not be here without the Alabama Policy Institute," 1819 News President and CEO Bryan Dawson said. "I am grateful for their trust and guidance as we worked to get 1819 News off the ground. True independence was always part of the plan, and I am excited that we are at the point where 1819 News can operate unaided. This formal separation demonstrates the commitment of both API and 1819 News to providing Alabama with a genuinely independent news organization. I could not be more proud of what we've accomplished so far, and I am confident the best is yet to come– for 1819 News, the Alabama Policy Institute, and our great state."

1819 News is a state-wide, state-focused, full-service news and multimedia company for the State of Alabama. Learn more and read the news at 1819news.com. Learn more about the Alabama Policy Institute at alabamapolicy.org.

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