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Rep. Palmer applauds Supreme Court decision to limit EPA's power

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday limited how the nation’s main anti-air pollution law can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. By a 6-3 vote, with conservatives in the majority, the court said that the Clean Air Act does not give the Environmental Protection Agency broad authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that contribute to global warming.

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Guest Editorial: Remembering Trump's list of 23 potential justices

Presidents do come and go, but federal judges are appointed for life. It has been often stated that the real legacy of any President is their appointments to the federal bench. Trump, in an unprecedented manner, published for the world to see his top list of 23 he promised to pick from, if a seat on the nation’s highest court experienced a vacancy.

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Guest Editorial: PRO Act would put Alabama jobs in the crosshairs

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act is one of those. The PRO Act would cause sweeping economic consequences across the United States by repealing right-to-work laws in 27 states, including Alabama. Workers in our state would no longer have the choice of whether or not to join unions and could be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

Bryant vincent uab
Vincent to guide Blazers as interim head football coach

Official word came Monday that Bryant Vincent will serve as UAB’s interim head football coach during the 2022 season.

Bill c lark UAB
Where does UAB football go from here?

On Friday, though, the attention turned swiftly toward what could be considered an uncertain future - at least for now - following Clark’s announcement he was stepping down because of serious problems with his back.

AL AG Marshall Steve AP Photo by J Scott Applewhite
Federal judge lifts injunction; Marshall says 'elective abortion illegal in Alabama'

 Attorney General Steve Marshall announced Friday afternoon that the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama has lifted the injunction against Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver
Amie Beth Shaver: Look at who you're not allowed to criticize

The irony of fact-checkers blocking a quote that multiple sites credit to a variety of speakers – including, perhaps Voltaire - would be funny, if it weren't pathetic. But it’s not.

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Readers react: To voting, Chief Justice Tom Parker, Sean of the South and Sen. Tuberville

“Thank you for your commentary on voting. I have researched the candidates this year as never before. I am appalled at how many don’t seem to understand, ignore or are possibly covering up involvement in the illegal and subversive activities taking place in our country and world.

USFL 2 AP Photo by Butch Dill
USFL roundup: Birmingham makes late stop to beat Tampa Bay

USFL South Division champion Birmingham made its fifth and final fourth-down stop with less than a minute remaining to secure a 21-18 victory over Tampa Bay on Saturday afternoon at Legion Field.

Governor Kay Ivey
Gov. Kay Ivey: Our tourists proved Alabama showed plain common sense

Over the last two years, tourists and vacationers have flocked to Alabama to escape unnecessary restrictions and mandates. They also traveled here in record numbers because Alabama has something for everyone.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Why I voted 'no' on PACT Act

For decades, and across multiple wars, the U.S. military disposed of various types of waste by burning it in large pits near their military bases. These burn pits emitted airborne toxins, and, as a result, many soldiers in close contact with burn pits have been diagnosed with rare illnesses and diseases, often manifesting years after they completed their tours of duty. Approximately 3.5 million Post-9/11 veterans are assumed to have been exposed to burn pit toxins. And for years, these veterans have called on Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide some form of health care and compensation relief.

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Brody 'Freaking' Ridder

“Will you sign my yearbook?” It’s a humbling question for a sixth grader to ask. In fact, it’s a humbling question at any age. Because what if the person turns you down? What if they reject you? Frankly I’d rather try to sell someone Amway.

Church Shooting
Three dead, shooter identified in deadly Vestavia church shooting

A lone gunman fired on a small group meeting at Vestavia Hill’s Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church Thursday evening, fatally wounding two people and injuring a third before being taken into custody, authorities said.

Matt Clark
Matt Clark: Tom Parker, the end of Roe, and judicial courage

As we approach the end of June, all eyes are on the U.S. Supreme Court as it releases its most consequential decisions of this term. The biggest among them is Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org., in which the Supreme Court has been asked to overrule Roe v. Wade. I have written extensively about that case for 1819 News recently. But today, I want to highlight the courage and relentlessness of Alabama’s Chief Justice Tom Parker, who played a role in getting the U.S. Supreme Court to take Dobbs.

Brandon aubrey closeup
Four Stallions earn All-USFL honors at five positions

The home-team Birmingham Stallions, Southern Division champions, had four players selected - but Victor Bolden Jr. was selected twice, as a wide receiver and kick returner. The others recognized were offensive guard Cameron Hunt, linebacker DeMarquis Gates, and placekicker Brandon Aubrey.

20130808 Sutter Daniel 9962 Studio HS
Daniel Sutter: Is forgiving student loans good policy?

Many observers believe that President Biden will forgive student loans via executive order. Loan forgiveness would be poor policy and likely harm higher education.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver
Amie Beth Shaver: A stolen car and losing freedom

Even as I share this story, that same feeling of dread swamps me. My gut is knotted. And yet, I need to feel that. I think we all do before the runoff election and before another November passes.

Jamey Johnson
Perry Hooper: For Jamey Johnson, Grand Ole Opry a dream come true

Another milestone in Alabama’s illustrious country music history occurred when Jamey Johnson became an official member of the Grand Ole Opry. This is an important exclamation point for the eleven-time Grammy nominated songwriter and true son of Alabama. Jamey is one of few musicians in the history of country music to win two Song of the Year Awards from both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association.

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Welcome to Newnan

“Because this is exactly the kinda [expletive] you write about, I just wanted to tell you my story. It doesn’t matter how [bleeped] up your life is. Prayer works. Love works. Kindness works. Goodness works.”

Matt Clark
Matt Clark: The attempt on Justice Kavanaugh's life

On Wednesday morning, the unthinkable happened: a man who was upset that the Supreme Court appears ready to overrule Roe v. Wade was arrested for attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver
Amie Beth Shaver: Is this really OK?

Why did our Alabama Unfiltered podcast get yanked from YouTube after an hour? Last week, we interviewed Dr. David Williams of Tuscaloosa and a Concerned Doctors board member. He gave us a “where things stand” with covid, update. He told the truth. Why wasn't that ok?

Justin Bogie Headshot
Justin Bogie: State government on pace for another record surplus; will it give Alabamians a break?

State government continues to take more money from Alabamians than ever before. Will it use that money to continue the historic expansion of state government, or finally take less taxes from citizens?

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Homegrown tomatoes

If there is a pleasure more marvelous than homegrown tomatoes, it’s probably illegal. And I don’t want to know about it since I come from Baptists who don’t do illegal things because it could lead to a life of secular music.

Will Sellers
Will Sellers: Saint Hannah and her sinner son

Nixon even called Alabama Governor George Wallace to enlist his support, but Wallace refused to intervene on his behalf with members of the Alabama congressional delegation and other Boll Weevil Democrats. After the call with Wallace, Nixon turned to Chief of Staff Alexander Haig and said, “Well, Al, there goes the presidency.”  And so, the true “man in the arena,” faced the final curtain all alone.

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Texas

Mrs. Welch parked and stared at the brick building in the distance where she’s been teaching for 14 years. She tried to imagine what teachers in Uvalde, Texas, must have been feeling when their sanctuary was invaded by a lone gunman. A gunman who killed 19 students and two teachers.

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Sheriff: Car linked to Alabama escapee, jail worker found

The getaway vehicle used by a man wanted for murder in Alabama and the jail official suspected of helping him escape after a “jailhouse...

Sean of the south
Sean of the South: Dear Naomi Judd

Dear Naomi Judd, I heard you died yesterday. You were 76 years young and lovely. Your family said you died from “mental illness.” No...

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