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Our readers react to recent stories or current events:

Amie Beth Shaver wrote last week on “Furries, and speaking up for our kids.”  Robert H. had this response:

“I enjoyed your article 'Of furries, and speaking up for kids.' It seems as though good old common sense has been thrown out the door. I agree with you – where are the adults? In my mind, this so-called transgender stuff is not godly – it is of Satan!! My Bible says that God created both males and females and nothing in between. If kids are confused about their gender, they need to see a psychiatrist who will treat their symptoms and not try to trick them into believing that they should try to be another sex. Sex is immutable – it is not changeable. Scientists tell us that the human body has somewhere around 30 trillion cells. Each of those cells has 46 chromosomes. One pair of those chromosomes are sex chromosomes – either XX for females or XY for males. So, nothing can change a person’s sex. The Far Left ideology has gone into the classroom with the goal of indoctrination of our kids. I think these doctors who are doing the puberty blockers and surgical treatments on kids are doing it for the money. So yes, our kids are in grave danger. Of course, the goal of the far left is to remove God and Christianity from the face of the world. We must not let that happen. Thanks for speaking up.”

Stephanie Holden Smith called for speaking boldly. Sarah Moseley had this to say about that column:

“When men believe God, they speak boldly.” We are in need of bold men and women to interject truth into our governmental institutions. We must engage in the fight, regardless of the personal consequences, and send the idle threats of cancel culture right back to the hellish dungeons they emerged from.

"Stephanie, I agree with your article 100%. When we believe that the Church is a place for worship, evangelism, and missions instead of politics and division and condemning to hell, then the boldest way and the only way the church can speak is through evangelism and missions, salt and light in government education and in the marketplace of institutions. Jesus went to the Samaritan woman at the well.  The politicians and church leaders nailed Him on the cross for doing that.

Loving one another is evangelism and missions of the Church. We must engage in the fight with God’s way, evangelism and missions. There’s no other way but to trust and obey."

Likewise, Phil Williams wrote last week on living in the United States, saying in his column that we have nowhere else to go.  Mike Holmes wrote:

“We have nowhere else to go” is a perfect description of where we currently find ourselves .  Very inspirational piece written with passion. Keep up the good work!”

Wayne Christopher, from Grand Bay, shared his thoughts on how Alabama’s Secretary of State maintains the voter rolls, and the impact ERIC may have on the accuracy of those rolls.

“In spite of what our Secretary of State may say, an article recently posted on the website for the American Policy Center (, entitled Settling the Confusion About ERIC and written by Kat Stansell, shows states like Alabama that use the electronic voter roll maintenance system, ERIC, have inflated voter rolls. The article indicates publicly available government records at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (USEAC) show an amazing 100.9 % of the citizen voting age population in Alabama is registered to vote.

1) ERIC is supposed to purge ineligible and invalid voters from the rolls of member states. Why are the citizens of Alabama paying for a system that does the opposite of what we are paying for it to do? If Kat Stansell has so easily found this information, our Secretary of State should know about it. If he doesn’t, then he is not doing his job. Why?

2) We know that inflated voter rolls are but one component of the crime being committed in other states which are using the programmed vote counting machines to create phantom ballots to select, rather than elect, their government officers and to make other decisions presented to the voters (i.e., amendments, etc.)

3) Because we in Alabama are using pre-programmed, unverifiable, unobservable vote counting machines, and now we know our voter rolls are inflated, there is a reasonable degree of evidence, that the election system in Alabama is also compromised.

4) Even if we, the voters, were allowed to look into the voting machines, which we aren't, we would have to be able to read the language used to program them to be able to see how the votes are being counted. Most voters cannot read the language used in programming. This adds another layer of secrecy to our election system.

5) The use of unverifiable, unobservable, vote counting systems like the ES&S machines we use in Alabama is, and always has been, a violation of the republican form of government we are guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution, where our government is supposed to be by the consent of the governed. Obviously, our consent must be verifiable. The oath of office requires all our government officials, including our county commissioners, to use the power of their office to "support", rather than violate, the U.S. Constitution.

6) Lastly, “certification” of pre-programmed machines by individuals who profit from the sales of the machines (i.e. ES&S), individuals who are elected by the use of the machines (i.e. government officials) or even so-called, third-party, independent testing by individuals who don't vote in the precinct where they are being used (i.e. Idaho National Laboratory), gives little comfort to those of us who must live under the government the machines can be programmed to give us.

Considering the state of affairs in our country, where we know the November 2020 election was fraudulent, and our federal government is now compromised and occupied by individuals, intentionally destroying the American form of government, we must immediately abandon electronic voting systems in all counties, and begin using paper ballots that can be hand-counted in full view of the poll workers of each voting precinct. Programmable vote counting can be compromised quickly, in secret by any one individual with sufficient access and capacity to manipulate the program to steal millions of votes, whereas a hand count by local volunteers, who are known by the voters in the community would require a less likely, conspiracy of those individuals, who would have to be willing to commit a crime of that nature against their own neighbors, stealing votes individually or in small batches over an extended period of time. At this point, anything less than complete abandonment of the vote-counting machines is unacceptable and plays into the hands of those who are but days away from converting our country into a tyrannical nightmare. If nothing else, the change can be justified by the transparency it will bring and the money it will save. The excuse that hand counts would take too long is ridiculous. If France can do it, we can. All Alabama county commissions must take action now, before the next election. This is not the time to do nothing out of fear. Our commissioners must be bold and do what needs to be done now before it is too late. If they care about the government we leave for future generations and the freedom they will experience, they will act now. Given these facts, inaction would be very telling.”

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