Our readers react to recent stories or current events:

Amie Beth Shaver’s recent editorial on A stolen car and losing freedom urged voters to spend more time researching candidates for public office. This prompted reader Betty Womble to write:

“Thank you for your commentary on voting. I have researched the candidates this year as never before. I am appalled at how many don’t seem to understand, ignore or are possibly covering up involvement in the illegal and subversive activities taking place in our country and world.

“I appreciate you speaking out. It is sad that so few will see or read your comments.”

We appreciate Ms. Womble’s response, but hope she is incorrect on how few people read Ms. Shaver’s column!

Matt Clark wrote about “Tom Parker, the end of Roe, and judicial courage” to highlight the influence of Alabama Chief Justice Tom Parker’s work. Kathleen of Madison wrote:

“Thank you so much for this enlightening article in 1819 News regarding the influence of Alabama Justice Parker. I had no idea.

It is encouraging to know the force for good even 1 principled and knowlegable individual can be when standing for what is right, even in a world gone wrong.”

A number of readers were thankful for Sean of the South’s column, “Brody Freaking Ridder,”  about a community responding to the snub of a middle school boy in Westminster, Col.

Larry P. said, “Great story! A lesson for all. Thanks, Sean.”

Betty W. wrote, “Thank you, Sean, for your article about Brody. It was so encouraging!! We often see the young people today as a lost cause, but let’s face it…. The adults thought the same thing about us when we were young. We may not have all turned out perfect, but some of us grew into responsible adults. The older kids in Brody’s story made a huge difference not just to Brody, but in the lives of many of the younger kids who witnessed it.

“We need to hear more stories like this one about the young people of today.”

And finally, Tim A. had this to say about the article on Tuberville addresses proposed Senate gun legislation after shooting in Cahaba Heights:  

“Thanks for a very good article that addresses the central and most critical component of violent tragedies… Mental health. Tuberville gets it!  Please keep writing about this and help him champion the cause for help to the severely mentally ill.

“Most reporters steer the story in support of controlling guns and diluting our Second Amendment rights. I was happy to see your focus where it belongs on the mentally ill..”

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