True the Vote leader and "2000 Mules" producer Greg Phillips has announced his last-minute candidacy for vice chairman of the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP).

Phillips is an Alabama native who played a significant role in producing the political documentary on election fraud, "2000 Mules." He has also worked alongside Catherine Engelbrecht with True the Vote to investigate election fraud cases nationwide.

On Friday, Phillips emailed ALGOP chairman John Wahl, announcing his candidacy for vice chairman and his desire to win the vote at ALGOP's winter meeting.

While not currently engrossed within the ALGOP, Phillips is no stranger to the party or its state activities.

"I love this state. I'm from Alabama," Phillips said in his email obtained by 1819 News. "I grew up in Montgomery and graduated from The University. My boys, their wives and families all live in Alabama. I worked for the AL GOP in the 1980s. I run two technology businesses from Alabama and produce my top 5 podcast, Patriot Games, in Hoover."

"As an Alabama native, I share the concerns of many conservatives in our state about the indoctrination of our kids (including my grandkids) in schools, government overreach with the virus and censorship, and the need for school choice in a state where education is failing to produce the workers we need for a technology-driven future. States' rights and the protection of Alabama's conservative values are also crucial and deserve leaders committed and focused to [ensuring] we never stop fighting."

ALGOP's Saturday winter meeting will host over 400 state executive committee members who will vote on party leadership and several resolutions.

Current vice chair John Skipper recently announced he would not seek reelection, leaving party veterans Joan Reynolds and Pat Wilson vying for his seat.

Phillips is currently embattled in a lawsuit and was even arrested for his work with True the Vote and his involvement in "2000 Mules." According to Phillips, his long experience in business and dealing with election fraud give him a unique insight into the needs and concerns of Alabamians. He also boasted of his relationships with political heavyweights, such as former President Donald Trump and conservative powerhouse Kari Lake.

"I have had a front-row seat watching freedom crumble across America due to stolen elections and Marxist ideology that brought down statues, destroyed our cities, and attempted to make us kneel to tyrants, hypocrites, and liars," Phillips said. "I have even paid a personal price for my commitment to preserving freedom. My partner and True the Vote Founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, and I were arrested in 2022 for refusing to submit to tyranny by giving up the constitutional rights of my colleagues and myself. We were released by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just hours before the election in November of 2022."

"This experience only deepened my commitment to the preservation of our representative republic. I believe that fair and just elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and it is the duty of patriots to remain vigilant in the fight to protect the integrity of the election process. I am an experienced political operative with a deep understanding of the issues that matter most to conservative voters. I have worked on election integrity issues across America and the world, including in the successful political documentary 2000 Mules."

Phillips will require a nomination and a second from the floor, which he has reportedly secured from committee members.

"Should I be nominated and elected to serve as Vice Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, I would proudly accept the opportunity to represent our Great State," Phillips concluded. "I believe that with my expertise and experience, coupled with the dedication of you and the Alabama GOP, we can make this red state red again and pave the way for the rest of the nation."

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