Mobile is on track to match its record-setting homicide total last year.

According to WALA, Mobile had 51 homicides in 2021. By the end of April, the city was already at 16. 

Mobile just experienced its 15th homicide outside University Hospital on Sunday.

Mobile hired a new police chief in December to deal with the situation.

"Making Mobile the safest city in America with respect for everyone isn't just a slogan. It's a promise," Prine told 1819 News in December. "We strive to keep our promise by providing fair and equal law enforcement to all citizens."

Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste told WALA that there were four cases where the perpetrator shot into a building or vehicle over the weekend, and cooperation from the people involved in similar incidents could help reduce homicides.

With measures such as the gunshot detection system shot spotter in place in the next few months, the city will be taking steps to address the violent crime problem. 

“We’re looking at where we are now, and once we deploy where can we shift resources to make sure we’re predicting or being in the areas where we believe the next violent offense will occur,” said Battiste.

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