All 105 seats in the Alabama House of Representatives are up for re-election this year, yet not every seat will appear on the May 24 primary ballot.

Most House incumbents are not facing challenges in their own party’s primary or even in the November general election.

Currently, Republicans have a supermajority in the Alabama House of Representatives. That is unlikely to change since Democrats qualified candidates for less than half of the 105 House seats. Yet Democrats remain optimistic that after the general election they will hold more than their current 28 seats.

There are 13 Democratic primary House races and 33 Republican primary battles.

In the Democratic Party Primary:

  • In Alabama House of Representatives District 3 (HD3), Susan Warren Bentley and Wesley Thompson are each running for the seat.

  • In HD47, Christian Coleman and Jim Toomey are running.

  • In HD52, LaTanya Millhouse is challenging incumbent John W. Rogers Jr.

  • In HD54, Brit Blalock and Edward Maddox are challenging incumbent Neil Rafferty.

  • In HD55, Travis Hendrix, Phyllis E. Oden-Jones, Fred "Coach" Plump, and Antwon Bernard Womack are running.

  • In HD56, Tereshia Huffman, Cleo King, Jesse Matthews, and Ontario J. Tillman are running.

  • In HD57, Kevin "K.D." Dunn, Patrick Sellers, and Charles Ray Winston III are all competing for the open seat.

  • In HD60, incumbent Juandalynn Givan is being challenged by Nina Taylor

  • In HD67, incumbent Prince Chestnut is being challenged by Larine Irby Pettway

  • In HD72, incumbent Ralph A. Howard faces a challenge from Curtis L. Travis

  • In HD74, Malcolm Calhoun and Phillip Ensler are both running in the primary.

  • In HD 82, Terrence Kareem Johnson is challenging incumbent Pebblin Walker Warren.

  • In HD99, incumbent Sam Jones faces a challenge from Levi Wright, Jr.

The following are the Republican primary races:

  • In HD1, Maurice McCaney is challenging incumbent Phillip Pettus.       

  • In HD2, Jason Spencer Black, Kimberly Butler, Ben Harrison, and Terrance L. Irelan are running. 

  • In HD3, Fred Joly and Kerry “Bubba” Underwood are running.     

  • In HD4, Sheila Banister and Patrick Johnson are challenging incumbent Parker Duncan Moore.      

  • In HD7, incumbent Proncey D. Robertson is being challenged by Ernie Yarbrough.  

  • In HD13, Greg Barnes, Keith Davis, Matt Dozier, Charlie Waits, and Matt Woods are running.    

  • In HD14, Cory Franks and Tom Fredricks are challenging incumbent Timothy (Tim) Wadsworth.

  • In HD15, Leigh Hulsey and Brad Tompkins are running.      

  • In HD20, James D. Brown, James Lomax, Angela McClure, and Frances Taylor are running.    

  • In HD23, incumbent Tommy Hanes is being challenged by Mike Kirkland       

  • In HD24, House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter is being challenged by Don Stout.       

  • In HD25, Buck Clemons and Phillip K. Rigsby are both running.   

  • In HD26, Brock Colvin, Annette E. Holcomb, and Todd Mitchem are running.  

  • In HD28, former State Rep. Mack N Butler is challenging incumbent Gil F. Isbell     

  •   In HD29, Mark A. Gidley and Jamie W Grant are running.   

  • In HD31, Chadwick Smith and Troy B. Stubbs are running. 

  • In HD38, Micah J. Messer is challenging incumbent Debbie Hamby Wood.      

  • In HD39, Brent Rhodes is challenging incumbent Ginny Shaver.  

  • In HD40, Gayla Blanton, Julie Borrelli, Katie Exum, Bill Lester, Bill McAdams, Chad Robertson, and Jakob Williamson are running. 

  • In HD45, incumbent Dickie Drake faces Susan DuBose.      

  • In HD48, incumbent Jim Carns faces a challenge from William C. Wentowski. 

  • In HD49, incumbent Russell Bedsole is being challenged by Michael Hart.      

  • In HD61, Ron Bolton and Kimberly A. Madison are running. 

  • In HD64, Angelo Jacob Fermo and Donna Givens are on the ballot

  • In HD65, Dee Ann Campbell is challenging incumbent Brett Easterbrook.      

  • In HD87, Eric E. Johnson is challenging incumbent Jeff Sorrells    

  • In HD88, incumbent Will Dismukes is facing Jerry Starnes.

  • In HD91, Les W. Hogan is challenging incumbent Rhett Marques. 

  • In HD92, Matthew Hammett and Greg White are both running.

  • In HD94, incumbent Joe Faust is being challenged by Jennifer Fidler     

  • In HD95, Frances Holk-Jones, Michael T. Ludvigsen, Jr., and Reginald C Pulliam are running.

  • In HD96, Danielle R Duggar is challenging incumbent Matt Simpson.    

  • In HD100, Pete Kupfer, Joe Piggott, and Mark Shirey are running.

The purpose of the major party primaries is to simply decide which candidates voters prefer to represent the party. Alabama does not have closed primaries, meaning any registered voter can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primaries, whether or not they have ever supported that party in the past. If a party requires a runoff election, only those who voted in that party’s primary election are legally eligible to vote. Of course, in the general election in November, voters are free to vote for whichever candidate they prefer, no matter their party affiliation.

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