Michelle Sheeks, a Red Bay resident, has died in the hospital after reportedly being attacked by a pack of dogs in April.

According to Sheeks’ husband, Wesley, his wife was on a walk when the attack occurred.

Sheeks had been in critical condition since the attack and underwent extensive reparative surgeries. Wesley had been giving regular updates on her condition through a public Gofundme account. The last update came out in June, stating that she had been placed on a ventilator and provided little information.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, this is the second victim to have died from the same pack of dogs.

In May, Jacqueline Summer Beard, an employee with the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), was also killed after being mauled by a pack of dogs in the same neighborhood.

Investigators with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said they suspect Beard went to the residence to contact the owner of a pack of dogs in relation to the attack on Sheeks. Investigators believe that Beard was mauled by the same dogs.

After receiving a call about a suspicious vehicle on Crumpton Road, deputies arrived on the scene and were met by the residents.

According to deputies, dogs began attacking the residents while the deputies were on the scene, and some of the animals were “euthanized immediately.”

Investigators arrested Brandy Dowdy, the owner of the dogs, for manslaughter and violation of the Dangerous Dog Law, also known as Emily’s Law, in relation to Beard’s death.

No charges have been filed criminally against Dowdy in Sheeks’ death.

Sheeks filed a civil complaint against Dowdy and the property owner after the attack took place. The complaint claimed neither Dowdy nor the property owner had taken reasonable steps to restrain the dogs.  

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