Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin is proposing an interstate rail line instead of the much-debated widening of Interstate 65.

For months, Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth has bemoaned the perpetual traffic jams and gridlock that plagues a vast stretch of I-65, the most traveled interstate in Alabama – often using the congested highway to bash the over $1 billion project in a far less traveled highway in West Alabama.

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On Friday, at an appearance at the Alabama GOP's Summer Dinner, former President Donald Trump quipped he would make turning I-65 into a six-lane highway a first-day priority should he re-win the presidency.

Ainsworth subsequently praised Trump for his recommendation, saying he was "proud that President Trump is endorsing and supporting my plan to widen I-65."

In response, Woodfin dismissed the idea, claiming that widening I-65 would do nothing to alleviate the congestion and that a high-speed rail system would be preferable.

"Instead of pouring millions into widening I-65 — which studies show won't alleviate congestion — why not invest in high-speed rail?" Woodfin said on social media. "We can connect communities, reduce traffic, & make AL a leader in sustainable infrastructure. A train to the beach is way better than driving!"

After receiving a bevy of derisive comments, Woodfin retorted that the rail would not be mandatory and people could still use the congested highway if they wished.

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