U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) on Tuesday joined a letter taking aim at the Biden administration's latest attempts to restrict the Second Amendment.

The letter by the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), demanded answers regarding "the unprecedented and reckless restriction on civilian firearm exports."

"President Biden has made it clear through his actions that he has no desire to uphold the Second Amendment," Aderholt said. "He has previously moved to restrict hunting and archery programs in schools, and now he is he is prohibiting law-abiding businesses from selling their firearms overseas."

The letter was signed by 86 other lawmakers before being sent to the Bureau of Industry and Security.

"As long as evil persists, there will always be a need for good people to defend themselves and their loved ones," the letter read. "The need for the Second Amendment was not limited to the American Revolution nor the American Republic. Every person has a right to self-defense. Not only does BIS's pause on firearms export licenses leave people even more vulnerable, but it will also push buyers to look elsewhere to meet their customers' demands."

The lawmakers pointed to last month's terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas as a stark example of why firearms are necessary for self-defense.

"Belligerent actors are becoming more aggressive and emboldened; regimes like Iran and China are posturing toward force and increasing their military capabilities," the letter stated. "The surprise attacks against Israel should dispel any notion that BIS can justly or accurately assess who needs firearms for defense and who does not."

The letter asked nine questions about the BIS's policy to be answered by November 13.

"We demand that the Department end this ridiculous hypocrisy and continue the issuance of export licenses for firearms, related components, and ammunition," the letter concluded. "Continuing this pause will only weaken law-abiding civilians and hand criminal actors a monopoly of force. We also urge that BIS's final assessment not deprive innocent people of the means for self-defense."

Read the full letter here:

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