On Friday, U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) announced his campaign had released both a TV and radio ad in his re-election bid for Alabama's fourth congressional district.

Aderholt starts by stating how illegal immigrants are flooding across our border and how they don't just stay there, saying, "President Biden loads them onto buses and ships them to small towns across our country."

This is an issue that many small towns are trying to deal with and do not have the infrastructure to handle. Many cities and counties in Alabama are dealing with the negative effects of unchecked immigration.

"On Day One, Joe Biden started the bus on reversing President Trump's successful programs to secure our southern border. Little did we know that there would be actual buses delivering illegal immigrants to every corner of America. I believe this ad shows why it's so important that we get President Trump back in the White House, and it shows he's ready to work with me in Congress again to secure our borders and make this country great again," Aderholt says.

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Aderholt's radio ad features himself and his wife, Caroline Aderholt. The ad states that America has a problem and highlights how after just three years of President Joe Biden, the nation is in a crisis. Saying the enemies of America are emboldened and bringing to scale the immigration issue, it says the amount of illegal immigrants who have crossed our border in the last year alone is equal to half of Alabama's population.

Aderholt says, "It is the honor of my life to represent Alabama in Congress. I need your support to keep fighting for what is right." adding, "Donald Trump has turned the tide in our government, and we've got to get him back in the White House."

The campaign said a substantial media buybacks the ads, and they're running across all platforms in both the Birmingham and Huntsville media markets.

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