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Some inmate workers at 10 out of the 15 major Alabama prisons have ended their strike and returned to work, according to the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC).

The inmate worker strike began on Sept. 26, following prison reform organization Both Sides of the Wall's call for prisoners to stop working.

Reports said around 80 members of Both Sides of the Wall held a rally outside the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) office in Montgomery last Monday morning to call for prison reform. The group included family members of inmates as well as former inmates.

When the strike started, the prisoners provided the ADOC with a list of demands, such as guaranteed parole and the elimination of life without parole. 

The ADOC said in a press release Monday that most Alabama prisons have witnessed a partial return of inmate workers, which has resulted in the restoration of regular meal services. 

The strikes affected food services over the past week as prisons rely heavily on inmates to serve other inmates food.

In response to the demands, the ADOC said that most of them would require legislation. The Alabama legislature is currently not in session.

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