Saturday, Attorney General Steve Marshall appeared on FNC's "Fox & Friends" to voice his protest over the Biden administration's use of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's school lunch program to advance its gender identity agenda.

Marshall told Fox News Channel's Lawrence Jones the Biden administration was holding children "hostage" to combat state-level laws that were counter to its ideology.

"I think y'all used the operative term earlier, which is we're holding children hostage so that this administration can force a very radical gender identity policy," he said. "The fact that Alabama, for example, has passed commonsense law that say for gender-specific sports, boys play with boys and girls play with girls to the — to the extent we don't withdraw that law now, the children of hard-working low-income families are not going to get the nutrition they need.

"Not only is that a policy that will impact children directly, but it's just an example of how far this administration is willing to go to appease the left.”

Marshall blamed President Joe Biden, noting that it was one of several issues his state and others had to take on with the Biden administration.

"This clearly falls at the feet of Joe Biden," Marshall argued. "This administration, from the very beginning, has attempted to advance a very radical agenda. And here, as you have already identified appropriately so – we're doing it on the backs of children. Not only is it a policy that is going to impact children in a very adverse way, but it is also one me and my colleagues are willing to stand up and fight for. We've done it on multiple issues. We've seen fights across the spectrum of the agenda of this administration.

"This is just one example and may be the most egregious example of where this administration is willing to do anything to be able to advance an agenda that the majority of Americans don't believe in.”

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