State Attorney General Steve Marshall is sounding the alarm over the Biden administration’s “disastrous” immigration policies, saying that they not only affect the U.S. southern border but have “real-world consequences” in Alabama as well.

“Every state, including Alabama, has become a border state due to the disastrous and misguided immigration policies of the Biden administration,” said Marshall. “The open-borders agenda has created a crime wave in our streets and impacted our communities.”

Marshall pointed to a case in Marshall County where an illegal alien, Dioniso Ramos, was arrested in November 2022 for the alleged first-degree sodomy of a 13-year-old boy.

At that time, Marshall said Ramos was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be deported. Instead, it seems he was either let go or somehow made his way back into Marshall County, as he was spotted at a local store on March 9.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office acted quickly to arrest Ramos again, and Marshall County District Attorney Jennifer Bray filed a motion to revoke his bond.

“Unfortunately, cases like this are becoming more and more common in Alabama,” said Sheriff Phil Sims. “We did not hesitate to act, and now this individual is back in custody to stand trial for his charges. With the border not secure, local communities like Marshall County will continue to suffer from Biden’s failed immigration policies.”

Bray agreed with Marshall and Sims, saying that these issues will continue as long as the border is not secure.

“It’s unfortunate that we see time and time again that the federal government deporting someone from our state that has committed a heinous crime means nothing,” said District Attorney Jennifer Bray. “Because of our nation’s unsecured border, these criminals know if they are deported, they can illegally reenter the country.”

Marshall added that pleas from states like Alabama to secure the border go unanswered by the Biden administration as thousands of illegal immigrants pour into the United States, often bringing crime and deadly drugs.

“Stories like the Ramos case in Marshall County are occurring throughout our state. The border crisis is wreaking havoc on the criminal justice system in every state,” Marshall said. “I will never stop fighting to keep our citizens safe by fighting the Biden administration’s unlawful and unconscionable immigration policies.”

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