Attorney General Steve Marshall is among the many opponents of ethics legislation awaiting the consideration of the Alabama Senate.

In an op-ed earlier this month, Marshall laid out his reasoning for his opposition to the legislation.

Marshall isn't alone, as others have spoken out, including now-former Alabama Ethics Commissioner Stan McDonald, who resigned his post after speaking out against the bill but was shown to have his own ethics issues.

During an interview with Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "Midday Mobile," Marshall reiterated his opposition to the ethics bill sponsored by State Rep. Matt Simpson (R-Daphne)

"We've opposed the bill publicly," Marshall explained. "We've written as to why. We've shared with Representative Simpson, who has led this charge, some of the changes we think need to take place. They have chosen not to accept those changes. And Sean, here's fundamentally where I'm coming from — let's use the gift provision as an example. Do the people of Alabama really believe we need to raise the amount of gifts that can be given to public officials?"

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"And yet, we're raising it across the board for everybody, to the point it's $500, I think on an annual basis coming from certain individuals," he added. "The other thing we've written about is the civil regime that is adopted here that would allow somebody to be fined for an intentional violation of the ethics laws."

Marshall argued the current structure needed to remain in place.

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