On Monday, Attorney General Steve Marshall traveled to New York City in a show of support for former President Donald Trump in a trial over "hush money" to a porn star in 2016, which Trump has denied and pleaded not guilty.

Marshall later delivered remarks to a press gaggle in which he said he had never seen a "greater perversion of the criminal justice" than what he witnessed in court.

On Tuesday, Alabama's AG went on Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria" and described the trial as "political theater" with the intention to "damage" Trump and get President Joe Biden re-elected.

"Yesterday was political theater," Marshall told host Maria Bartiromo. "It wasn't the prosecution of a crime. We sat and listened to hours of Michael Cohen talk about how he feels about former President Trump, about the affirmation he needed in the work that he did for him. But what I didn't hear is a connection to Donald Trump to falsifying business records with the fraudulent intent to conceal another crime, and that's what he's charged with, and yesterday, the prosecution didn't make their case."

He continued, "[Alvin Bragg's] intention is not to convict Donald Trump. His intention is to damage the president in a way that Joe Biden becomes our next president. That is the design of the case. It is the work that we see the Department of Justice doing around the country, and it's why Republican AGs not only have engaged very specifically with the Supreme Court in Jack Smith's case against the president - it's why me and my colleague were here yesterday being able to support the president in what is clearly a politically motivated prosecution."

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