Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall spoke on Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria" on Monday about how border security failures could threaten the United States.

Marshall said that a lack of enforcing the border and a rise in anti-Israel protests on college campuses are making for a dangerous situation for Jewish people in America.

New numbers showed that in fiscal year 2023, 908,669 illegal immigrants were released into the United States. One hundred and sixty-nine of those apprehended at the border during that time were on the terror watch list.

"Who's now gotten in that we don't know about?" Marshall wondered. "Where are they in our country that we had no idea they have penetrated our communities throughout our states."

Marshall said he visited Israel 90 days ago, and people there wanted to feel safe. However, he said he never imagined what would happen just two months after his visit. He said law enforcement has to be aware and aggressive due to failed policies by the Biden administration.

Things to be extra vigilant on include drug trafficking, human trafficking and now terror threats from the Middle East.

Jared Kushner, former President Donald Trump's adviser, spoke on Fox Business, saying American Jews are safer in Saudia Arabia right now than they are on some college campuses in America. This came after several protests took place at college campuses.

 Marshall said he wasn't surprised by that.

"It's incredibly sad, but we shouldn't be surprised," said Marshall. "We've seen the rise of progressive ideology taught on our college campuses, Marxist theory. These protests are simply the manifestation of what's been going on for many years."

Marshall said school administrators must stand up and stand strong with Jewish students.

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