In this week's edition of "1819 News: The Podcast," Attorney General Steve Marshall weighed in on the gambling legislation passed by the House and is being considered by the Senate.

The House recently approved two bills that laid the basis for comprehensive gaming.

One of the pieces of the gambling legislation legalizes casino gaming in specific locations, which Marshall noted were the same places that had issues with illegal gambling and had "thumbed their nose" at the law. He questioned the "business sense" behind the locations that had nothing else to offer besides casinos.

"Truly, if you're in the business model, are you going to say, 'I really think we're going to bring people to the state of Alabama if we put the casinos in certain locations that don't have anything else to attract people there.' And it doesn't make business sense," Marshall argued. "Again, it's a rewarding of certain special interests that I think is absolutely wrong, and we're continuing to talk to people around."

"I think there's people listening in the Senate, and I'm encouraged by that, but yet, there's still work to be done," he added.

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