As comprehensive gambling gains momentum in the Alabama House of Representatives, the chances of a bill passing the Senate remain uncertain.

In a recent appearance on "1819 News: The Podcast," Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth said the Senate is focusing on other things like workforce development and school choice and that he's heard little discussion about gambling among senators.

"I'm not hearing that much about gambling. I'm really not," he said. "We're focused on workforce. We're focused on school choice. We're focused on budgets. I can tell you, at least from the Senate perspective upstairs, there's not any conversations going on with gambling."

Ainsworth said a gambling referendum on the November ballot would "no doubt" hurt Republicans prospects by driving out the Democratic vote, particularly in the newly drawn second congressional district race. However, having Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee could help balance things out, he added.

"My position on gambling is, I don't think it's going to solve our problems in Alabama," Ainsworth said. "I'd rather just build an economy based on good-paying jobs, 21st-century jobs. I've had a position on the lottery: let the people vote if they wanted to. But again … I just haven't heard much chatter on it."

Ainsworth believes a stand-alone lottery would pass, but there are too many groups with competing interests to fashion a comprehensive gaming bill the majority would be happy with.

"To get all those people on the same page and to get a bill they're going to agree with is about impossible," he added. "...I don't know. We'll see what happens. But right now in the Senate, we're not focused on it."

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