In addition to receiving support from all six Republican members of Alabama’s U.S. congressional delegation, former President Donald Trump has also been officially endorsed by Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth.

Ainsworth discussed the reasoning behind his endorsement Friday during an appearance on “Alabama Unfiltered” radio.

The relevant portion begins around the 41:00 mark.

“I’ve endorsed Donald Trump for reelection,” Ainsworth said. “I think the world of Ron Desantis, but I think when you look at what President Trump did for our country, when you look at the impact he’s had not only with the stuff he did but also the Supreme Court justices, I think he deserves a shot to get reelected. I think he will win the Republican primary, and I think we’re going to be in the dogfight of our life to win the general, and I’m going to be there with him in the primary as well as the general. I want to get him back in the White House and undo all the damage President Biden has done, and I think he’ll do that.”

Ainsworth said he felt a kindred spirit with Trump, who is sacrificing a lot to do what he sees as right.

“For him to serve is a huge sacrifice. I mean, just think of all the stuff he’s going through, and he’s doing a lot of it for love of country and because he believes in America and he wants to make sure our country stays great. The same with me, right? I don’t have to do this, and it’s a sacrifice away from my family, my businesses. But I think when you have that mindset, it’s freeing just to do what’s right and to actually realize, hey, I’m here, and I believe that God puts people in a place of leadership for a reason, but I think if you’re there, don’t waste it; actually do something for good. That’s kind of my thought process on that, and I think the president [Trump] shares that as well. Why else would he go through all this?”

Ainsworth's endorsement came before Trump's speech at the ALGOP dinner in Montgomery Friday night where the former president vowed to fund one of Ainsworth's pet projects, the widening of I-65 to six lanes from Huntsville to Mobile.

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