On Wednesday, the CHOOSE Act received final passage by the State Senate, sending the education savings account bill to Gov. Kay Ivey to sign into law.

Lieutenant Gov. Will Ainsworth was quick to celebrate the Act's passing, having been a strong proponent of school choice since he was elected.

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It's also a win for Ivey, who, despite being cool on the issue in the past, decided to include school choice as a priority this legislative session, which she mentioned in her State of the State address.

"I appreciate Gov. Ivey for supporting the CHOOSE Act, the Alabama House and Senate for passing it, and parents of schoolchildren across the state for demanding it," Ainsworth said.

The school choice measure provides education savings accounts for parents wishing to place their children in public, private, or home-school environments. Initially prioritizing students from low-income households and those with disabilities, access to the program would widen to all eligible families by the 2027-2028 academic year.

"Passage of the CHOOSE Act ensures every Alabama child — regardless of their family's income or address — has the opportunity to receive a quality education that prepares them for high-paying, 21st Century jobs," Ainsworth said. "At the same time, this measure requires schools to be accredited, demands accountability for taxpayers, and includes guardrails to ensure education dollars are protected and used as intended."

"As a committed school choice advocate, I understand that allowing parents to place their children in the learning environment that best meets their needs is far more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach to education," he added. "...Alabama now ranks high among the nation's leaders in school choice options."

Ivey announced on Thursday morning she signed the legislation into law.

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