In honor of National School Choice Week, Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth voiced his strong support for expanding educational offerings in Alabama.

He said it's about giving students and their parents the freedom to choose, and he gave Florida as an example of school choice working.

"It's about parents having an option. Parents decide what's best for their child," Ainsworth said in a video posted to his Twitter page. "You look at Florida, over 700 charter schools, over 600 magnet schools, thousands of students have gotten out of historically failing schools going to private schools — those kids have a choice now. Their parents have a choice in where they go. We've got to do the same in Alabama."

Ainsworth said a student's success shouldn't be determined by their zip code and that his idea of school choice includes strong public schools, private schools and more charter and magnet school options.

"If we do that in Alabama and allow parents to decide what's best for the child, we're going to have a lot of success in education and move up from the bottom, which should be the goal of every Alabamian in our state."

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