On this week's broadcast of Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal," Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth weighed in on the state of Alabama's contentious U.S. Senate Republican primary.

The race features a three-way contest between U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant, former Business Council of Alabama head Katie Britt and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville).

Ainsworth reacted to the latest Alabama Forestry Association poll, which gives Durant a slight edge over Britt, with Brooks in third.

"There's a poll that came out this week by Jim McLaughlin, which is a pollster, you know, I've used in all my races before," Ainsworth said. "He's not working for anybody in this race. This was a poll [the Alabama Forestry Association] asked him to do. And if you believe that poll, you know, it had Mike Durant in first, Katie [Britt] is basically within the margin of error of him. They were both in the mid-30s. Mo [Brooks] had fallen off substantially.

"I kind of looked at the crosstabs on some of that. It was interesting. You know, in Birmingham is where he lost 25% of his voting share. And so, you know, I can tell you this from running -- when I ran statewide, it was Birmingham north, right? And if you look at that, those two candidates are doing well. Mo is obviously still doing well in Huntsville. But, you know, Birmingham is a huge share of the vote. So, I still think at this point it is anybody's race. But, you know, off that poll, I think right now Mike Durant, Katie Britt look like they have kind of moved up into the front-runner status."

When asked about his involvement in this U.S. Senate race, the lieutenant governor hinted at the runoff as a point he would get engaged.

"I always like to get involved in a race, but right now, I guess I can't say I'm focused on my own race because I'm not," he added. "But we'll wait and see. Maybe in the runoff, I'll get engaged."

Capitol Journal Host Todd Stacy interrupted Ainsworth and asked if he regretted not running for the U.S. Senate himself. Ainsworth replied 'no,' citing a commitment to his kids and wife, which could be challenging to maintain for a job that requires time away in Washington, D.C.

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