FAIRHOPE — The Eastern Shore Republican Women (ESRW) hosted the two candidates for Alabama’s newly drawn first congressional district on Thursday for its monthly luncheon.

U.S. Reps. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) and Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) took turns addressing the crowd of around 80 and then took questions.

Moore said he is concerned about the nation and believes everyone should be. He said he’s questioned moves in Washington, D.C., such as FBI spying, which he said was recently authorized through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Moore voted against the NDAA, while Carl voted for it.

“If you don’t understand, the fight isn’t in Washington D.C., it’s with Washington, D.C.,” Moore said.

Although he has concerns, Moore said it isn’t too late for the country.

“I’m not trying to bring you down. I’m trying to encourage you,” he added.

Moore said some lies in ads against him come from Washington money.

“I was told they’re spending $190,000 against me and to drag me through the mud,” Moore added.

With a conservative record, he said he is willing to take on the fight just like former President Donald Trump. He said his wife Heather has been a big part of his political career. In fact, it was a prayer with her that led him to endorse Donald Trump for president when he was running against Hilary Clinton, he explained. He said he will continue to stand with Trump.

Carl said that because he is from the district, he knows the district and how to represent the people.

He said he believes in getting the job done. The overall message: He will be the one to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. He pointed to his record on border policy as an example of how he has already done that.

“Very early in Biden’s term as president, I went down there,” said Carl. “I didn’t like what I saw, so I traveled through four different countries in Central America.”

After his tour, Carl said his biggest fear wasn’t about the people but about the fentanyl coming into the United States from the cartel.

“Go back to the Trump plan,” he said. “Finish the wall. The wall is more than just a wall - it’s got technology.”

The border wall has charging stations for drones, cameras and technology to alert authorities when someone is trying to breach it, all technology Carl said is needed. He said more illegal immigrants means more stress on education, hospitals and other aspects of what makes America great.

“Let’s stop the flow of illegal immigrants in this country,” he added. “We have to.”

Carl said since he has been in Washington, he’s been concerned about government spending, inflation and high interest rates, which are impacting the American people.

“That Bidenomics that you hear abou? That is a load of you know what,” he emphasized.

Putting the issue personally, Carl told a story about a mother he saw at a grocery store who couldn’t afford her groceries. He offered to help after she maxed out her credit card but said that is an example of what should not happen in America.

Along with spending, Carl said he has been watching environmental policy directly impacting the people in the first congressional district. He said he has closely watched to protect snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. He has also been closely watching oil industry studies.

“The environmental sector in Washington is a bunch of terrorists,” Carl stated. "I’m telling you, from an environmental standpoint, we’ve been pushing back against Biden. I don’t just talk the talk; I walk the walk.”

Carl also said he realizes what is good for Mobile is good for Baldwin County.

Moore ended by asking voters to look at the records of both candidates. They both came into Congress simultaneously, and Moore said there is proof he is the more conservative candidate.

Carl wrapped up by saying his proof that he is the best candidate is that he has zero Washington-based endorsements but multiple local endorsements.

Both candidates asked for votes in the March 5 Republican primary.

“You’ve got the chance to keep somebody who walks the walk or you can elect someone who talks the talk,” said Carl.

“Ya’ll keep our nation in your prayers,” said Moore. “There’s a hope for America. Let’s join together and save this great nation.”

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