Democrat second congressional district candidate Shomari Figures is pushing back against longtime Alabama Democratic Party boss Joe Reed, who on Saturday insisted Figures and fellow candidate State House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) be removed from Tuesday's primary ballot.

Reed wrote a letter explaining how the two Democrat front runners for AL-2 had received donations from Republicans and therefore should be kicked off the party ballot or replaced by the Alabama Democratic Party if one of them should win the nomination.

Reed's group endorsed State Rep. Napoleon Bracy (D-Chickasaw) for the seat in February following polling in December 2023, showing Bracy with a sizeable lead. However, some political consultants doubted the polling's accuracy at that early stage of the race.

FEC reports also showed that Bracy, along with several other Democrat candidates, have received contributions from what would be considered Republican donors.

"There is an old saying that a lie will make it halfway around the world before the truth makes it out of the front door," Figures told 1819 News on Sunday. "That is exactly what Joe Reed is hoping for with the lies he is telling 48 hours before people in Alabama cast their vote in the primary election."

He continued, "Let's be clear: this is just Joe being Joe again. Joe Reed is the mouthpiece for Napoleon Bracy's campaign and Republicans' best friend and weapon in this election. They know that he will do everything in his power to continue to tear down and divide the Democratic party in this state in an effort to remain in control. Alabama's voters — and this party — deserve better."

Figures also said that his campaign had not received any funds from the source alleged in Reed's letter, Protect Progress PAC, which, as a Federal super PAC, could not legally donate directly to a candidate's campaign. However, according to most recent FEC filings, Protect Progress has spent nearly $48,000 supporting his campaign.

Figures added, "Unlike with outside groups, candidates can control the money they accept to their own campaigns, and we find it odd that Joe Reed fails to point out that the candidate he's endorsed, Napoleon Bracy, has received at least nearly a third of all the money he's raised in this race from Republican donors across the state. That is a fact."

"Further, if Joe Reed is concerned about finances, he should focus on sharing ADC's financial reports, which many members claim to not have seen in decades."

Figures concluded, "I've been a proud Democrat all my life and wake up every day fighting for Democratic values, just as my parents did before me. I am proud to have worked for President Obama in the White House, the first Black woman Attorney General in history, and a leading progressive Democratic Senator. In Congress, I'll take up the fight for our party's priorities on behalf of the people of Alabama."

The Republican and Democrat Primary will be held Tuesday.

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