The Alabama Attorney General's Office is taking over as prosecutor in a voter fraud case in Perry County.

Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Robert Turner, Jr. recused himself from a voter fraud case against his cousin, Perry County Commission chairman Albert Turner, Jr. last week.

According to a court filing, Nathan Mays, assistant Attorney General, is now prosecuting the case. 

A hearing on a number of motions has been set for April 6.

In a motion to withdraw filed last week, Robert Turner, Jr. requested the Alabama Attorney General's Office take over the case. 

Robert Turner, Jr. said in his motion to withdraw that "his request was made to avoid any appearance of impropriety in the handling of the case due to the familial relationship between the Defendant and the District Attorney, and also the familial relationship between the Defense Counsel and the District Attorney."

According to court documents, Robert Turner, Sr., the father of Robert Turner, Jr., is the defense attorney for Albert Turner, Jr.

According to the indictment, Albert Turner, Jr. allegedly possessed multiple absentee ballots and allegedly deposited multiple election ballots into a voting machine during the 2022 primary elections. He denies the allegations.

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