On Tuesday, the Stan Cooke for State Auditor campaign announced that Cooke has been endorsed by the Alabama Farmers Federation Political Action Committee in the upcoming June 21 Republican primary runoff.

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement from the Alabama Farmers Federation’s FarmPAC!” Cooke said. “I’m running to be your next State Auditor to bring integrity, transparency, and accountability back to state government to protect your tax dollars. On Tuesday, June 21st, I humbly ask for your vote.”

The Alabama Farmer’s Federation is Alabama’s largest farmer group. The group had previously endorsed former State Sen. Rusty Glover (R-Semmes) for State Auditor. Glover finished third in the May 24 Republican primary so he missed the runoff.

The writers of the 1901 Constitution intended for the independent elected State Auditor to be in charge of auditing state agencies, functioning as a check on corruption in the state. In 1939, however, this auditing authority was usurped by the State Legislature and the auditors were put under the Examiner of Public Accounts, a position controlled directly by the Legislature. For the last nine decades, the state auditor has conducted state property inventories.

“I am the only candidate in this race with 20 years of experience in inventory control and property management with companies such as Fisher Scientific, Immediate Business Systems and Medical Laboratory Associates,” Cooke said. “Inventory control and property management is the main job of the State Auditor’s office. I also have 35 years of administrative experience in both the secular business world and the religious business world managing multiple staffs that [were] both paid staff members and volunteer staff members. This administrative experience has allowed me to learn how to deal with people effectively in moving businesses, religious institutions, and programs forward in a positive manner.”

The auditor also appoints one of the three board of registrars’ members in every county in Alabama except Jefferson County.

Many state legislators favor abolishing the state auditor position altogether. The future of the auditor’s role will be a major issue facing the State Legislature moving forward.

Cooke is presently the pastor of the Kimberly Church of God. He has several degrees, including a doctoral degree from UAB, Lee University and the Jewish-Christian Institute, in various fields including theology, physical science, Biblical studies, pastoral ministry, Christian education, family counseling, comparative religion, education leadership and technology and higher education administration.

Cooke faces State Rep. Andrew Sorrell in the June 21 Republican primary.

The eventual winner of the Republican nomination will face Libertarian Leigh Lachine in the Nov. 8 general election. Presently there is no Democratic candidate for the position.

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