Alabama finished 22nd with a "C grade" in a national index ranking states by their policies related to K-12 educational freedom. 

According to the American Legislative Exchange Council's 2023 Index of State Education Freedom, Alabama scored relatively well in subcategories related to charter schools and homeschooling policies. 

However, Alabama received Fs for its lack of open enrollment and school choice financing programs. 

The legislature passed an expansion of the Alabama Accountability Act tax credit program during the 2023 regular session. The Alabama Accountability Act is an educational tax credit program that provides scholarships for students attending failing schools to transfer to non-failing public or private schools. The program was established in 2013.

However, the program is only available to certain students in school districts deemed failing by the state. 

Broader school choice legislation known as the PRICE Act that would've established universal education savings accounts never received a vote in the Senate last session after passing out of committee. 

The study ranked surrounding states Florida (1st), Georgia (11th), Mississippi (41st) and Tennessee (6th).

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