Alabama ranks 25th for the amount of power parents have over their children's education, according to a recent study by the Center for Education Reform

The ranking was based on the state's policies relating to charter schools, school choice programs and teacher quality.

School choice programs were defined as scholarships, vouchers and tax credit programs. Legislation that would've expanded vouchers for Alabamian students failed to garner enough support to be passed into law last session.

Alabama offers $30 million in tax credits for contributions to "scholarship granting organizations" to low-income K-12 children in Alabama to attend the public or private school of their choice.

The Parent Power! Index measures the extent to which each state:

  • has policies in place that put students ahead of systems;

  • values the diversity of need and condition of every family;

  • provides vital, accessible information, and

  • by doing so affords parents the power to exercise fundamental decisions regarding how their kids are educated.

Florida received the number one ranking in the study.

The mission of the Center for Education Reform is to "expand educational opportunities that lead to improved economic outcomes for all Americans, particularly our youth, ensuring that conditions are ripe for innovation, freedom and flexibility throughout U.S. education," according to their website. 

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