Alabama had the eighth-most movers arriving in the state in 2023, according to a study released on Tuesday.

According to United Van Lines National Movers Study, Americans are moving eastbound and southbound – and relocating to less expensive areas with comparable amenities to larger metropolitans.  

Alabama ranked eighth overall in the nation for people moving into the state. The top reasons for movers coming to Alabama were job, family and retirement. 

"We are continuing to see the trend that Americans are moving to more affordable, lower-density areas across the country, with many heading to Southern states," United Van Lines vice president of Corporate Communications Eily Cummings said. "Movers are also becoming more strategic with their planning, as relocation continues to be driven by factors such as the price of housing, regional climates, urban planning and job growth." 

The study and its accompanying survey, which examines the motivations and influences for Americans' interstate moves, revealed the leading motivation behind these migration patterns and across all regions is a career change – with 29% of movers relocating for a new job or company transfer.

Additionally, the survey shows the top motivations for moves – such as wanting to be closer to family (27%) and retirement (14%) – have declined compared to 2022 as movers consider other important factors related to location preferences, the cost of living and affordable housing. 

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