The deadline for major party qualifying for Alabama Senate District 9 is fast approaching, and so far, only two candidates, State Reps. Wes Kitchens (R-Arab) and Brock Colvin (R-Albertville) have formally announced.

Not only are the two candidates fairly new to the Alabama Legislature compared to outgoing Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield (R-Guntersville), who held the seat for 13 years before resigning to join the Business Council of Alabama, but they also currently represent and live in Marshall County and consider each other a friend.

This could make a tense campaign, but Colvin told 1819 News he expects a clean, cordial competition to try and win over constituents.

“I have nothing but respect for Wes and his wife, Ashton. I respect and appreciate anybody who is willing to put their name on a ballot to serve their community,” Colvin told 1819 News. “...Wes and I are friends, we’re colleagues, we both currently serve Marshall County, and the beautiful thing about this is it’s two people putting their name on the ballot and the people of District 9 will get to choose who their next senator is. That’s the beauty of democracy right there. He felt led to run just like I felt to run. I think God’s opened this door for me, and after a lot of prayer, I’ve decided to give it my best shot and the people will decide who they want their next senator to be in District 9.”

Colvin added, “Even throughout this campaign, Wes and I are going to continue to serve Marshall County and this delegation, and once this campaign’s over, I fully expect us to work together more for this county, maybe one of us as our senator and the other still as a representative. We’re friends, and we’ll keep it professional. It’s going to be a good little friendly battle… We’re excited to get to work.”

When asked what it would be like running against his House colleague, Kitchens said less about his relationship with Colvin and more about his focus on the race.

“When I announced I was running to replace Senator Scofield, there was no one else in the race,” Kitchens said in a text. “I’m the senior member of the Marshall County delegation, and this opportunity makes sense for me and the district. I will continue to spread my message and connect with the people of District 9. That’s why I’m running.”

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