The first commercial kombucha brewer in Birmingham recently won a national award for one of its products.

Better Kombucha, which brews a variety of kombucha, a tea drink that has been credited for health benefits, won an “outstanding” designation, for its apple kombucha, in the beverage category for the 2022 Good Food Awards.

Organizers of the 2022 Good Food Awards sent a video to the brewer to congratulate all involved in making and distributing the product to locations across the state.

Better Kombucha founder Nancey Legg said the designation means consumers can be sure they get a quality product.

“We are honored to be a recipient of the Good Food Award, as they maintain a standard that guarantees excellence, and we feel privileged to be in the company of others creating amazing products, doing good in our local communities," said Legg. "It gives us confidence that the flavors of our culture bring joy and delight to others.”

Better Kombucha announced the award on its Instagram page after months of updating followers on the contest.

“We created the Good Food Awards to highlight the small, local makers doing everything right, whose tremendous contributions are often overlooked,” said The Good Food Foundation Executive Director Sarah Weiner. “Better Kombucha is a true innovator that rose to the top in a blind taste testing and met the high sustainability and socially responsible standards of the Good Food Foundation. We recognize Better Kombucha as a company rooted in the sort of values we all want to support.”

The Good Food Foundation celebrates and connects passionate local food makers, ranchers and growers who are creating tasty, authentic, responsible food in the American food culture. The Good Food Awards highlight the best of the best across the nation in 18 categories and awards three winners in each region – North, South, East, West and Central. In 2022, every state was represented with nearly 2,000 entries. 

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