The Alabama Policy Institute launched a new website dedicated to getting information to Alabama parents about the state's new school choice law, the CHOOSE Act, on Friday.

According to the Alabama Department of Revenue, the CHOOSE Act, signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivey on March 7, makes refundable income tax credits called education savings accounts (ESAs), available to support the success of every K-12 student in Alabama. The law requires the Alabama Department of Revenue to establish a framework and funding for ESAs, which may be used by eligible families to cover tuition, fees, and other qualified education expenses at approved education service providers (ESPs) in Alabama.

With the CHOOSE Act being signed into law in March, Alabama became the 14th state in the nation to provide families with an education savings account option. The program's first year will be the 2025-2026 school year.

The refundable income tax credit would be $7,000 for students in participating schools, while non-participating school students — such as homeschooled students — are $2,000 per student and $4,000 per family.

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