Birmingham Zoo wants to know your child's pronouns.

He/Him, She/Her, They/Them.

Birmingham Zoo's summer and spring youth camp registration is underway, and the zoo promises a "wild" learning experience.

But for one father, the experience may be too wild.

The father reached out to 1819 News after he said he was completing the application for camp and was shocked by something he saw. The father said part of the application process asked what pronouns the child uses. For him, that went too far.

"I went to register my child for the Birmingham Zoo Summer Youth Camp and found that they to have been corrupted by the left's garbage," the father said in an email. "These are kids and they want to know what their pronouns are?? Ridiculous! Shame on the Birmingham Zoo. My child will not be attending."

1819 News went through the application process and confirmed it does ask for pronouns of children. There is also an information box included that states, "Why are we asking? By knowing what pronouns you use, we will be able to correctly refer to you."

Birmingham Zoo screenshot Alabama News
(Birmingham Zoo/screenshot)

The Birmingham Zoo has not responded to three separate media inquiries regarding the matter.

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