Alabama Supreme Court Justice Jay Mitchell has officially announced his reelection campaign for the 2024 statewide election.

Since taking his seat in 2019, Mitchell has contributed to significant conservative achievements in law. Notably, he wrote a concurrence boldly pointing out flaws in Roe v. Wade before the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately overturned it last June.

He also wrote the majority opinion doing away with the "year-and-a-day rule," an English Common Law that prevented individuals from being convicted of murder if a person died at least a year and a day after the actions that caused a death. Additionally, he helped to strengthen the ability of courts to turn away lengthy death penalty appeals.

Earlier this year, he wrote an opinion criticizing the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU's attempts to inject progressive activism like "preferred pronouns" into legal proceedings.

"The people of Alabama deserve a Supreme Court that is committed to upholding the Constitution and the rule of law," said Justice Mitchell. "I am seeking reelection to ensure our court has a strong conservative majority and protects the freedom and prosperity we enjoy in our home state."

Mitchell is a member of the Federalist Society and also sits on the board of directors for Cornerstone School, an inner-city Christian school.

Mitchell graduated from the University of Virginia Law School. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Birmingham-Southern College and a Master of Arts from University College in Dublin, Ireland. He and his wife, Elizabeth, reside in Homewood. 

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